Yes! Older Women Have Sex

Why the Silence About Older Women's Sexuality?

I found myself binge-watching the recently concluded television series “Grace and Frankie” starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Seven TV seasons tracked their romantic relationships and marriages, from their mid-seventies into their eighties. In a 2022 closing episode, Jane Fonda as 83-year-old Grace, proclaims to her best friend Frankie that the sex romp she had just enjoyed with her 53-year-old second husband, would be her “Last Hurrah.” I taught Human Sexuality a long time and even though I know that women can continue to have sex as long as they wish, I didn’t personally know any 80-year-old women like Grace or Frankie, who were still having sex. But those of us who can see those years approaching fast, may be in flux about it.

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