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Allison Y. Gibbons

Origin of name

 AGEISTRY is my own hybrid word for our journey to understand and find clarity about our selves and our lives as we age. 


As a woman and professional of a certain age, I want to share with and invite sharing from others who are approaching or have surpassed the magic age of 65, and those who are fully aware that they will be 65 someday.  Why 65? It is the number many countries have picked as the signal to officially apply the word ‘old’ to their citizens.  We don't really think of ourselves as 'old' but Context is important. On this site we’ll smile at the structured notions of ‘old’ and share our own stories in the way that we experience life:

- how we got to where we are

- where we hope or plan to go with our lives as we count up or count down the years

- why the actual number of years mean everything and nothing

- about the demons we have conquered and those yet to be tamed

- our achievements and celebrations

- doors that have closed and those that are still opening

- occupations or projects that keep us relevant

- the exciting new knowledge available to us

- skills we still have time to learn

- and joys we are experiencing and looking forward to more 


AGEISTRY will include my Blog; Relevant News & Reviews; Occasional podcasts and videos.

Under the tab Creative Musings, I want to share my love of poetry - some of my own work, as well as a few of my favorite poems from famous poets. If you are a poet in hiding, send me samples of our poetry to be posted. I've reserved space for you, my friends, colleagues and visitors.

My style, approach and much content will lean towards women for obvious reasons. My professional training however includes knowledge and experiences that also speak to men's ageing issues and the journey of all our relationships whatever our choices may be.  

Gender is not a blocker on this site.  All are welcome to browse our posts and join the conversation about creative ageing.


(Photographs on site are from personal files.  Stock pictures are from Pexel, courtesy maksim, magati, flodhan & pixabay)

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About Me

Family, friends and colleagues know me as Allison or Allie.  Students and clients over my many lives have called me Ms. G, Mrs. L, Mrs. B, Dr. B or Dr. G, invariably keeping up with my change in last names with a single letter of the alphabet.  Hyphenated last-names became a mouthful.  I have come full circle with the G for Gibbons honoring my family of origin.

My Career highlights over 50 years and counting, include

  • High School Teacher (first job)

  • Executive and Program Leader of local and international Non-Profit  Human Service Agencies (CCF, CFPA, IPPF)

  • Consultant with International Humanitarian Agencies (IPPF, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP)

  • Psychologist/ Family Therapist in private practice

  • University Professor

Formal Education:

Mausica Teachers’ College, Trinidad

University of Wisconsin, USA

Texas Woman’s University, USA

University of South Florida, USA

Incidental Education:

Child of the Universe

Student of Life

Grateful to all of life's teachers who step into my space when I need to learn something new.

Countries of Residence & Citizenship over the years:

-Trinidad & Tobago (land of my birth)

-Antigua & Barbuda



... and My Experiences

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- The Caribbean Region (22 countries and territories)

- Africa (Gambia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania)

- Central & South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela)

-Great Britain

-Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

-Hong Kong

-Peoples Republic of China

-North America and Canada

40 PLUS YEARS of International Advocacy for:

- Women's Development 

- Public Education & Awareness of Gender-based Violence

- Reduction of Domestic Abuse against women and girls

- Reproductive Health & Education

- Safety & Wellbeing of Children 


  • Rosa Cisneros Award – 1984 – International Planned Parenthood Affiliation (IPPF) – for authorship of the textbook "Teaching Human Sexuality in Caribbean Schools" a textbook published in English & Spanish

  • Hands Across the Caribbean Award – 1995 – Jaycees International - for major contributions in the Caribbean outside of my home island

  • Presidents Award –2012 - McNeese State University, Louisiana – for Outstanding Scholarship


  • Adjunct Professor Family Studies, Syracuse University

  • Life Coach

  • Family, Couples & Relationship Therapist

  • Ageing Specialist

  • Consultant on Family & Intergenerational Wellbeing

  • Writer

  • Poet


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To my family of women:

My daughter Rhea

My granddaughter Olivia

My mother Dora Gibbons who was born in 1922 and will be 99 years old in January 2021

My 3 sisters, Lynette, Kathleen & Jennifer, all of whom are over 65

Nieces and great nieces who can look forward with great anticipation to being 65

To my sisterhood of :

Friends, colleagues , acquaintances,  women whom I've met along the way and those whom I haven't yet encountered

"Women hold up half the sky" .... and sometimes, all of it.